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Ready for a fresh marketing & communication approach ? WiMedia offers a no-nonsense, ROI, performance and purpose driven aproduct approach. We create the perfect marketing mix aimed at lead generation, conversion and growth.

Interim marketing management

Temporarily bridging the gap when your CMO/Marketing Director/Head of MarCom is out for some months or when specific knowledge is needed fast. Specialized but not limited to NPD - New Product Development - from ideation to GTM - go-to-market -, product launches, content marketing, customer experience, channel management, sales & marketing alignment, growth, change, digital marketing, marketing automation, community management. We help you grow faster and better.

Crisis management

It will of course not happen in your organisation but sometimes a marketing department is in chaos, your yearly budget is overspent, you don’t get (enough) sales qualified leads, your sales acquisition cost is way too high,… In those cases we work out in all confidentiallity during and after the assignment a strategic plan to manage the crisis and lead the turnaround of your marketing department. We bring back the performance and purpose.

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Innovative marketers. Product creators. Presentation experts. Purpose driven. Result oriented.