Marketing. As a small business owner you know you have to do it but hiring a full time marketer is a risk. Not because of the investment, any good young marketer will give you a good ROI, but because of the complexity of marketing these days. A century ago, the founder of a big German brand said to his executive team talking about “The marketing of products”, a new course at the University of Pennsylvania:”Marketing, marketing was ist das denn? Verkaufen sollen Sie!” meaning “Marketing, marketing wat are you talking about? Just SELL!” which shows that around 100 years ago, marketing wasn’t implemented into the business like it is now. These days you can’t do without marketing.

In a mid-sized company you easily find 5 to 10 people in a marketing department. In large corporates marketing departments can quickly go into the hundreds. In fact a 2012 study from theĀ American Marketing Association and Duke University shows that in average the marketing department in large corporates counts for 11% of the total of employees. 11%. Social Media, analytics, customer experience, videography, co-marketing, marketing technology, marketing automation… the list is long of new tasks being added to the marketing department on top of the existing communication and product management tasks.

So it’s up to you. Do you spend your time on what you do best, on the core of your business, on what brings in the cash or… do you want to do your marketing yourself? Do you do your accountancy yourself, do you hire a FTE to do it or do you outsource your bookkeeping to your accountant? Do you manage your IT yourself, do you hire a FTE to do it or do you outsource to your IT supplier/consultant? It’s basically the same.

Let us have a look on your marketing, we’ll give you good honest advise on what you can do better and even on where you can save money (yes, SAVE money). And if you want, we will do your marketing for you. We have a team of experienced freelancers specialized in specific marketing domains and we’ll bring in the right man or woman at the right time.

We speak Dutch (Flemish), French, English, German and Spanish so let’s talk.