As you know the best performing companies are the ones that innovate but innovation is not easy. You can spend as much as you want, there is no guarantee to succes but you can limit the risks. We can help you with ideation, product development and go-to-market so you will soon have those exciting and profitable new products.

Wim Meulders developed and succesfully launched many new products and is passionate about innovations but as a good Stage-Gate practitioner he also knows it’s important to kill your darlings.

We help with every aspect of “the product”: market analysis and insights, idea creation, brainstorming, idea selection, concept development, validation, business case, product development, Scrum Product Owner, commercial concept, pricing, design, product marketing plan, go-to-market strategy, packaging, sales tools development, CAPEX, market introduction, presentations and presenters training, product launch, monitoring, brand building,…

Are you looking for innovative products for your business? Talk to us, we might have just a solution for you to bring new products better and faster to the market.