Interim Management

Your Marketing Director or General Manager is not available for some months and need to be temporarily replaced? You are the Marketing Director or General Manager and you need a seasoned professional to help you in-house with a specific marketing, communication or product management tasks?

We help you by bringing in a senior interim manager for a short to mid-term period from 3 to 18 months. Read further

Case: BNP Paribas Arval

Freelance Marketing

As a small business owner (SMB, KMO, PME, MKB) you know you need to do marketing but having a full staffed marketing department with all different skills required in communication, product management, social media and so on is not possible?

We help you out with our freelance marketing service bringing you the experts needed on a daily basis. Read further

Case: TTS (in Dutch)

International Business Development

You are a company owner from outside Europe and you want to expand your business into the EU? You are a Belgian company and you want to expand your business into other European countries? Without the risks and huge costs?

We can help you to get started and create a foothold for your further business. Read further

Case: TCL

Product Innovation

You know that the best performing companies are the ones that innovate continuously but you are having a hard time to create new products and bringing them to market?

We will help you with all aspects of the product life cycle Read further

Case: ZapFi

Training & coaching

You know there is a direct link between the emotional intelligence (EQ) of your people & company and the sales results? You want to get rid of your dull presentations? You want to improve your public speaking or presentation skills? Or the skills of your sales people?

We train and coach people on non-verbal communication with an immediate and proven effect on the global EQ of your company and a tremendous impact on its performance. Read further (in Dutch)

Case: Inovant (in Dutch)

Body Language Expert

You are a journalist, TV producer, organiser at a service club, event organiser and you want a smart and humoristic guest speaker? A commentator which is a thought leader expert in body language and non-verbal communication?

We help you with our no nonsens, evidence based expert advice on body language and nonverbal communication in Dutch, French and English.

Case: PokerStars on RTL-TVI (in French)