Our Passion

Wim Meulders and Elke Krämer have an extensive track record in senior marketing management positions in various companies in Belgium, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Hong Kong and China. Sharing the passion to help companies to create better products that bring more revenue and a higher margin, to launch smarter promotions that realize a bigger marketshare and to have most importantly happier people (customers, employees and business owners) brought them together in WiMedia, originally founded by Wim Meulders in 2010.

Having worked in ICT and marketing the entire first part of their carreer Elke and Wim see the merge of both worlds in Marketing Technology, Marketing Automation and the rise of Artificial Intelligence in this field as the game changer for the future.

Our Skills

Marketing Management


Product Management


Promotion & communication


People (customers, employees and owners)


Value proposition & Pricing


"Wim did a very good job of streamlining a product line and developing a marketing / commercial strategy in a challenging environment."

− Vincent Vliebergh, CEO Korys (investment structure of the Colruyt family, major shareholder of Topcom)

"Elke is focussed on the bottom line. Her no nonsense approach speeds up every project. She absorbes knowledge very quickly and can apply new skills fast, confident and with results"

− Tom Cuylaerts, founder Edge.be

"Wim is an assertive, people oriented marketer who can assess the opportunities in the market quickly and achieve in an effective and inventive way."

− Jean Volders, CEO a.i. Topcom